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Beef Review
By Tim vewy vewy qwiet we're hunting wabbit!

(Whispering) 'Today, Reggie and I are in the outback searching for wild game. Our big game guide has led us to one of the more remote areas of the Indies. Our plans are to bag us some really big trophies. Personally, I am looking for a baby tiger to make my pet. Ok, I have to be quiet now the guide has given us the signal.' .... (Whispering) 'About five minutes ago a large female elephant passed about 10 feet from where we are sitting and is now standing about 50 yards from us. The beast is tremendous, its tusks are nearly 10 feet long. Our guide estimates the age of this pachyderm at nearly 35 years and its weight at, well astronomical. The guide has again given the signal...Uh Oh... The elephants baby seems to be approaching from the opposite side of us than its mother, this could be serious trou.... the mother elephant is charging...she is heading directly for us.....' Screaming Guide, 'RUN, RUN RUN.....' Stomp stomp.... 'Reggie it got the guide, run faster' ....Stomp Stomp.

Suprise...we made it out alive and have sworn never go big game hunting again. Instead, we have chosen to visit a local wild game dinner and partake of the results of someone else's risks. Today I review the self proclaimed, 'Grand-Daddy of Them All', the 41st Annual Wild Game Supper and Party at the Catholic War Veterans Post No. 306. This was Reggie's first visit and my second, and a great experience. For $35.00 a person can eat as much as possible of the following: Alligator, Roasted Beaver, BBQ Racoon, Piquante Sauce Turtle, Snow Shoe Rabbit, Roasted Buffalo, Venison Meatloaf (and other mystery meat), and Steamboat Round Beef. Included in this smorgasbord was salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cheese, vegatables, bread and all the beer you can drink. The best thing about the beer was that you could drink it out of of a half gallon milk jug if you so desired. Between Reggie and myself we covered most of the meats. My favorite's include the BBQ Racoon, Roasted Buffalo, and, of course, meatloaf, with my favorite being the Roasted Buffalo. The buffalo had a finer texture than beef and alot more flavor. I did try the alligator, served cold with a cocktail sauce, it had the texture of pork and the taste of scallops.

Although this was not fine dining by any means, both food and friends were good and plentiful. I give the entire dining experience 4 BB & B's

Reggie's Comments:

So often, we are told that any exotic meat "tastes like chicken." Much to my suprise, and pleasure, most everything at the wild game dinner tasted like roast beef. The roasted beaver was one of my favorites.

Tim nailed the alligator. It did taste just like scallops. The most disappointing meat of the evening was the turtle. It looked just like beef, taste just like carp -- yech!

I went reluctantly to this event, but I'm glad I went. It's on my list of things to do next year. Where else can I drink beer out of milk jugs and eat beaver all night without objections from my significant other!


Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: $35 a ticket includes all the beer you can consume!

Availability:  Only in Assumption, Ohio!