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Clabbergirl -CD Release Party
By Tim

Brian HalloranOn the 22d of October Big Beef and Beer attended one of the most enjoyable music events ever attended in its brief history. Those of you who have visited the Big Beef and Beer site from the beginning should be familiar with the band Clabbergirl. For those of you who have not and have not heard the name before, Clabbergirl is an independent homegrown local Cincinnati/Indianapolis band that plays a sort of contemporary pop,rock and roll style of music. The band has done very well in the Cincinnati Battle of the Bands competitions and gained a considerable following in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Not to mention the fan clubs in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Clabbergirl was recently selected by WOXY in Cincinnati in the Top 20 of the WOXY 97Xposure 2001.
The first ever event was the Clabbergirls CD release party. The location was the Mad Frog, a local bar near downtown Cincinnati. The music was also delayed telecast on the local radio station. The album name is I Feel Pretty and was billed (by most fans) as Clabbergirls 'coming out' CD. For more on the CD stay tuned for a review coming at Big Beef and Beer.

The CD release party featured, of course, Clabbergirl, and other local talent. The band played many of the new songs off of their new album, some off of their first album, some others, and one or two imaginative covers. The music was great even though the acoustics, typical of a smaller local bar, was not fabulous. Clabbergirl, playing for over two hours without a break, interspersed the local talent in their show adding energy and personality to every song. Clabbergirl, being a three-man band, fit comfortably on the small stage (shared with two scantily clad mannequin). This did not last very long as the local talent mixed in and out. The setup times were minimal and did not take away from the show. Although there were no burning lighters, Clabbergirl even provided a curtain call which included all the musicians from the evening in a 'We are the World' kind of setting.

Overall the music, the location, the show, the support, and the dancing girl were perfect on a perfect evening. Although seeing Freebird played live by Lynyrd Skynyrd, or seeing REM live is great, there is nothing better than a good local live band putting on a greta show in a small locale. Clabbergirl rocks!!!!! I could not wait to drive home the next day and listen to the CD on the in-car CD player. I rate this CD release party and will judge all others against it, 5 BBBs.

For those interested in checking out Clabbergirl live, they will be playing at The Warehouse in Cincinnati on 16 November 2001 in the 2001 version of the Battle of the Bands. They will go on at 8:45 and will be one of six bands to play. The finals for the Battle will be held at Bogarts in Cincinnati on 24 November 2001. You should be able to catch them there as well.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.





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