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Beef Review

By Beau

 Since this page has a ton of Big Beer reviews and not nearly a close enough look at Big Beef, a few members of the United States House of Representatives Big Guy Caucus decided to take a dinner trip to Sam & Harry's, which has repeatedly been ranked as one of America's ten best independent steak houses.

Sam & Harry's, which has been immortalized in songs, movies and novels about our Nation's Capitol, caters to a fairly upscale clientele and is on the pricey side, with dinner often running well over $100 a head with wine. But if you're willing to spend, there are few better places in the country for great service, good wine and absolutely top notch Big Beef. It's also a good place to check out the "powerful" people. As my party of ten boys dined in a private, glass-enclosed room, no fewer than three members of Congress and one U.S. Senator ate at more public tables. (We were so loud, Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., came in to see what was going on and had so much fun he was reluctant to rejoin his own table.)

My delmonico steak was absolutely perfect, and cooked just as requested. Most at the table ordered the Sam & Harry's "Signature" bone-in strip steak, and the Big Guys were all raves. Ten steaks, no complaints. In fact, the only downside to the evening was when Kratt's wife - knowing he was out for Big Beef with the Big Guys - had the nerve to show up at the restaurant with the in-laws. A travesty of the highest order!

Unless you are of the moneyed Washington establishment, Sam & Harry's could never be a "regular" place, but for a special treat, to impress a reluctant client, or to seal the deal with that special lady ("special" as in "carnivorous"), Sam & Harry's is rivaled only by Morton's Steakhouse.

I give it 5 BB&B's.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: $100.00 a head with Vino & tip.

Availability:  You've got to ge to DC to enjoy this one of a kind dining experience.

Address: 1200 19th St NW
                 Washington, DC
                 (202) 296-4333