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Big Beef Music Bonus

By Greg

Visit Clabber GirlChristmas came early for this music reviewer.  Just for being a fan of ClabberGirl, I received their 3 song EP featuring a special Christmas song.  

Please Daddy (Don't get Drunk This Christmas) is an anthem for all dysfunctional Christmas celebrations through out this great land and the world over. This is a cover of the little known John Denver tune. ClabberGirl's version has an early eighties west coast punk style reminiscent of The Dead Milkmen. It's destined to become a Christmas classic.

The second song, Wait, has an anxious, awkward angst feel to it. A feeling that is all too familiar to anyone who just can't seem to find any closure with a former lover. It solidly captures that feeling with steady, driving guitar and automatic rhythm. A great song.

Finally, Don't Forget Her, is a song I can't seem to put my finger on. I can't quite decode it. It is however the most musically mature song of the three. It is more finely polished than the rest.  ClabberGirl puts everything together on this song,  I especially enjoy the lead guitar featured on Don't Forget Her.

ClabberGirl is going into the studio after the new year to record their forthcoming release I Feel Pretty.  If Wait and Don't Forget Her are tastes of good things to come, I look forward to Pretty's release.  Tim and I hope to catch a show this spring. We'll make it an official Big Beef and Beer event!

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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