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Music Rankings


--  Definitely add this album to your collection.  If you love music, you'll love this, it's ageless.  You'll want to pop it in 30 years from now.

--  You'll enjoy this album if you enjoy this style, i.e. it's a good jazz, pop, rock (insert your favorite genre here) album.

-- It's a good album for what's currently popular.  Might be good to have around to entertain your friends.  You can always  dump it at the Record Exchange later.

--  Hopefully it was given to you as a gift and you can exchange it.  If you bought it for that 1 good song you heard on the radio, take it to the used CD shop while it's still popular -- after you tape the one good song.

-- Is it even music?  It might be Milli Vanilli.  Avoid at all cost.  Try not to insult your host.  Skip it "by accident" or dump a beer (of the same ranking) on it when no one is looking.

Hear it before you buy!

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