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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

Listen to  BeckChristmas is over, Santa and the reindeer are back home, and the elves are all fast asleep. I hope everyone had a good haul and a great time. There was some good stuff underneath the Big Beef and Beer Christmas Tree. Santa brought us new beer, music, and business cards. Of course, you can get the music and beer reviews on the web sight, but if you have not seen the new business cards go to the nearest Big Beef and Beer field office and get one for yourself and a stack to pass out. If there is no local field office then start one of your own.

As for me, 'Ol Santa left me the new album by BECK. titled Midnight Vultures. The album was released 23 November 1999, in case anyone missed it, under the Geffen Records label. The first track, Sexx Laws, has been released as a single and probably the only song that has been played on the radio. If you like it, listen to the album before you buy because the sound on the rest of the album is quite different.

Beck has produced a very mellow album that incorporates a large band in support. Instruments listed in the album jacket include the violin, viola, tenor saxophone, wah guitar, banjo, broken furniture, ... well ... that probably says it all. The vocals, although good, sound a little synthesized but fit into the smoothness of the album. The music is mellow with a great beat, but too mellow and too smooth. It would be perfect to listen to while sitting on the front porch some lazy summer evening sipping lemonade or another favorite beverage of choice and talking to friends. (It put my brother to sleep) It is good music but, other than track one, the album does not really stand out. The tracks range from Motown, to Prince (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince), to The Beatles, to synthesized sound. If you play track 11 to the very end you will get about thirty seconds of some bonus sound. The album can be purchased at your local record store and is available at Midnite Vultures at Cdnow. The album is listed for $17.97 retail but it can be yours for a mere $12.58 at CDnow.

I rate this a cd 3 BB & B's. Too mellow and too smooth, great for background music.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

Listen to Beck


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