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The following review is only for those of the strongest of heart and who are willing to suffer from the most unendurable pain.
Wait, I am sorry that was what I felt listening to this album and if you listen to it, you will too.

A disappointing album from artists considerdered to be so talented by so many!

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Never before have I listened to such a waste of money. Typically there is something positive that can be said about any album or beer, but not here. I listened to this album for the first time about two months ago and was so disheartened that I have not been able to complete a single review since. I huddled in a my cubicle scared, working long hours just so I would not have to go home and face this album and the review I knew I had to do. Well, a little Christmas respite and some 80 Shilling Ale has given me the strength to confront this album..

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I know, maybe just a little melodramatic, but the album is pretty much a waste. I typically listen to albums a couple of times (if not more) and then do a trak by trak comment sheet. Here are my comments: 1. Artsy, 2. Terrible. artsy, 3. all disjointed noise, 4. whiney, mellow, 5. all weird sounds, like making music with wine glasses full of water, 6. normal beat, a normal song at least, 7. horrible.... (I had to quit at this point). The only comparison that I can draw is that it is like the motion picture soundtrack put out by the Eurythmics for the movie 1984. Now I liked that album, but only because I was a huge Eurythmics fan. I imagine those who like Radiohead will be among the few who like this album.

By the way, the album is titled Kid A by Radiohead. I rate this album: 1 BB & B. It is horrible.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

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