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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

hours....David Bowie has been churning out tunes for nearly 40 years.  He still has a powerful, commanding voice and presence.  In the Autumn of his career, he has made an attempt to stay on top of the latest trends in everything from music to the internet.

David Bowie originally released his latest album, hours..., on the internet 2 weeks in advance of its retail release.  He received a great deal publicity.  Apparently, he is the first major recording artist to release over the 'net before general release.

This creates an interesting paradox.  With the release of this album, David Bowie is looking back as well as ahead.  He has created web presence and set marketing precedents, yet this album is seems to be a retrospective self-examination.

He uses his haunting, ethereal voice to review lost chances, lost hopes, and lost loves.  He is never bitter, but is sometimes sad.  He sounds like he is at peace with all he's done.

Unfortunately, the whole album has the same tone.  Not that it's bad.  It's just that it grows old very quickly.  I've had this album since the end of November, and it took a really concerted effort for me to sit down and really listen.  In my previous attempts to listen to this album, it just became part of the background, and I forgot I was listening to it.

I don't regret purchasing hours...   Bowie's lyrics are always poetic and metaphoric. His voice is always interesting.  I'm just not as retrospective at this point of my life.  

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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