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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

PlayTodays review is on the album Play by Moby. Regretfully, the album is much like the long boring chase of that great white whale Moby Dick in the book of the same name. This is the first time I have listened to music by this artist and I am somewhat disappointed. The cd has eighteen tracks, which would be great if you could listen to all of them at one sitting. Sleep will hit about the fourteenth or fifteenth track, if not sooner. .

The music of Moby on Play varies from track to track and clearly displays the musical talent of the artist. Some tracks are techno based while others use conventional instruments for sound. All the songs are smooth and melodic, but for the most part, are too mellow and lack life. The vocals also are smooth and melodic, performed in a manner that makes them almost seamless to the music. I would characterize this album more as a form of art than something that may be found on the radio or in the record stores today. Therefore I recommend that you listen to the album (as much of it as possible) before buying -- with all art some find beauty in what others may call trash. Except for five tracks the album is pretty much only good for background music while studying, or going to sleep, or just hanging out on a rainy day. If you are playing the album at a party or gathering play only the first nine tracks.

The following are the best tracks on the album:

4. Why does my heart feel so bad?
5. South side
7. Bodyrock - The best song on the album and played on the radio.
8. Natural Blues - Also played on the radio.
9. Machete - An upbeat techno tune.

If artistic talent was the only measure, then this album would receive 5 BB & B's. But that is not the case so I have to rate it 3 BB & B's only from the weight of the first nine songs (Moby should have stopped there).

Play is recorded under the Rave New World record label and has recently been released (1999). You can listen to and buy the CD at CDNow by clicking on the CDNow link in this review. The CD cost me nearly $14.00 at the record store but is $11.88 at CDNow. .  

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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