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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Step Inside This HouseI didn't want to like Lyle Lovett. My prejudice towards Country music is well documented. Songs about divorce, pick-up trucks, and the Chattahoochee river have kept me away for years (not to mention the twang of the steel guitar).

Lyle Lovett is a horse of a different color. I had heard his name mentioned in alternative circles and radio stations years ago. My resistance to country always kicked in, and I tuned him out though. The only thing alternative about him, I thought, might be that whacked hair.

Julia Roberts found him interesting enough to marry, then divorce. Surely, I could find out what people are talking about. I did just that during my frequent travels.

I had 93.9 CIDR Windsor/Detroit tuned in on the Turnpike one Sunday night. Lyle began singing about Bears. He was witty, metaphorical, and smooth. Most of all, I had to know why he would sing about bears? Was he crazy, did he wrestle the bear?

Somehow, Bears suited me. I had to have the CD. I looked and looked. Finally, I found it. It's on the 2 CD set Step Inside This House. I resisted. I didn't want to spend $25.00 on a 2 CD set for 1 song, especially for a Country artist. I broke down when I found the album at CDNOW.

Step Inside This House is an excellent album. Lyle Lovett has a soothing relaxing voice. He is an excellent story teller, he uses many metaphors, and he draws the listener right into his world. There is passion in all his songs on this set.

Sure, there is the occasional Country twang, but it is always displaced by his wit and excellent voice. Some of the songs remind me of the Eagles or America. One of my favorites from this set, Sleepwalking, reminds me of the Delta Blues and the music of Robert Johnson.

This is a great album to listen to while sucking down some brewskis on the front porch. It will entertain you, and let you forget your troubles. Step Inside This House with Lyle Lovett and expand your repertoire.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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