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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

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Nearly a year ago some friends and I went on a little canoe trip and on the way back I played the soundtrack from The Waterboy (See the Big Beef and Beer review at BBB Review.) On this cd is a track from an Earth Wind and Fire album. Being in my thirties I heard many of the Earth Wind and Fire (EWF) songs when the first came out as a child. Of course, since I was not part of the disco era (thank goodness) I really was not versed in the music of EWF. So when I heard this song, I thought it was very good and ran out and bought an album with the song on it. (Of course, I was additionally motivated because a number of women thought EWF are great.)

The album I bought is the Greatest Hits album recorded in 1998 under the Sony Music Record label. This album is packed full of songs that were hits in their time. To be honest, alot of them are still very good. For example a few that I remembered: Shining Star, Got To Get You Into My Life, Sing a Song, Serpentine Fire, Saturday Night, Let's Groove (or Cactus Groove), and Boogie Wonderland. The music is smooth and as they call it in the album "Eternally Groovy'. I have a fondness for the MoTown sound and this is just as good. I recommend this album for everyone. For people who were living during the 70's many of the songs are memorable and for anyone else it is just good mellow music. There is a great mix of clear vocals, guitar, horns, beat, and electronic sounds. In case anyone was wondering, yes, they are on tour in 2000. The album also contains a story and a chronology of the band.

I give this album 4 BB & B's as good mellow music for everyone. Visit the links highlighted in this review to get information about EWF and to see the selection of their cd's.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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