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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Click to buy Earth Wind and Fire's Greatest HitsLatin artists are the hottest items since habañero peppers. Marc Antony is no exception. His self titled album, Marc Antony, is full of the spicy Latin rhythms that are so irresistible right now.

I must admit, I enjoy Latin music and have for some time. (For all you kids, Supernatural was not Santana's first album.) This CD did not disappoint me. I enjoyed it for the most part. Marc Antony is very talented. He has a very smooth, powerful voice that makes chicks swoon.

I could have done without some of the ballads on this album. They're boring and uninspiring for the most part, especially Am I the Only One, My Baby You, and No One. They'd make good solid background music while seducing a hot babe.

I really enjoyed I Need to Know, When I Dream at Night, and She's Been Good to Me. They all have plenty of passion and Latin spice. The CD also includes Spanish versions of She's Been Good to Me and I Need to Know. I've got hot Latinas on my mind now, and brushing up on my Spanish wont hurt.

Marc Antony's CD may be the best way to make a run for the border-- you certainly won't get gas!

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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