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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

Click to hear SantanaAnd the winner is....Supernatural by Santana. If you say that nine times with lame jokes in between and your eyes closed, you will feel just like you are at the Grammy Awards. Santana has broken back into the pop and art mainstream with his Grammy showing and new album Supernatural. In fact, the album has gone 10x platinum around the world and does not look like it is going away quick. Just to review, the album received Grammy Awards for the following:

  1. Record of the Year: Smooth
  2. Album of the Year: Supernatural
  3. Song of the year: Smooth - writers Itaal Shur and Rob Thomas
  4. Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: Smooth featuring Rob Thomas
  5. Best Pop Instrumental: El Farol
  6. Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal: Put Your Lights On featuring Everlast
  7. Best Rock Instrumental Performance: The Calling featuring Eric Clapton
  8. Best Rock Album: Supernatural
  9. Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal: Maria Maria

Big Beef and Beer has produced this review as a service to the few of you who have not heard this album or are afraid to buy an album with so much hype. Supernatural is a very eclectic album. The music varies from Latin, rap, blues, hip hop, to pop. Three of the songs are played on the better radio stations: Put Your Lights On with Everlast, Smooth with Rob Thomas, Wishing It Was with Eagle-Eye Cherry. These songs, although of the pop nature, are good enough alone to buy the album. But that is not all.... Nearly half of the songs are Latin, and, although I am not a big fan of the Latin style of music, I was very impressed by the songs on this album.

Santana is the master of the sound. His guitar riffs mix smoothly with the music and lyrics to create the perfect effect. Whether Latin or otherwise, Santana's guitar playing is spectacular. I have seen B.B. King live and think that Santana would be give him a run for his money in the guitar playing department. Many of the songs also include some brass. Believe it or not, the Spanish words (as well as the English) are on the album jacket.

Listen to SantanaI give this album 5 BB & B's due to its fine (almost perfect) artistic quality. It would have gotten 4.5 because I am not a big fan of the Latin sound but Reggie will not let me use fractional BB & B's. I think that this album is a must have for everyone. The album was produced by Clive Davis and Carlos Santana under the Arista Records label. Go to CDNOW and listen to some of the tracks and then buy Supernatural for the cheapest you will probably find it at $13.28. Or listen to any other of the 100 albums that Santana has produced.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

Listen to Santana

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