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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Click to hear JamiroquaiWelcome to BB & B radio where disco lives forever! I've often lamented that I wasn't born ten years earlier. If I had been born earlier, I could have been a disco king. Imagine the night life, the women, and the dancin' , dancin', dancin'! YOWSA, I want to boogie with you!

Jamiroquai continues to capture the sound of the '70s on his latest album Synkronized. Every song on this album could be on the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. As you might have guessed, I like this sound.

Unlike the plethora of artist's that are covering disco tunes right now, Jamiroquai's music is all original. Jason Kay, the lead singer, doesn't simply rap over a funky disco groove. He is far too talented for that. Synkronized is a fun, danceable album that captures all the fun of the disco era with only a limited amount of its trademark cheesiness.

The CD opens with a bit 'o fun. The song Canned Heat includes a Bee Gee like chorus of "you know this boogie is for reeeaaal!" and Jason Kay sings of dancing his cares away. The fun is persistent. The song Black Capricorn Day includes the lyrics "I've got a pocket full of Pringles." At least one tune, Destitute Illusion, had an ethereal feel and sounded a bit like Tangerine Dream.

The only weakness of this album, and their previous one, is that disco will only carry so far. That's why it died. It is a very narrow genré. This is an excellent example of the genré, that's why it receives 4 BB & B's.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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