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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Click to Hear the SoundtrackHe plans the perfect evening. They'll start with dinner and cocktails, and then a movie -- at his place. She accepts.

She arrives on schedule. He is just finishing dinner. He seats her, serves her a drink, and puts in some music. Dinner is served.

At first, she pays no attention to the music. It is relaxing and mellow. There is something familiar about the first song though. She recognizes the voice. It's Sting. It sounds like any Sting tune from the last 5 years. She asks, "Who is this?" "You'll see," he says, with a touch a mischief.

At that moment a equally mischievous song begins, Sinnerman, by Nina Simone. It is passionate and intense. Perhaps it foreshadows things to come. There is a charged silence between the two.

The tension breaks as the song changes. Everything ( Never Quite Enough) by Wasis Diop is a softer, more romantic song featuring a sexy duet and mesmerizing ethereal tones. Running her index finger around the top of her wine glass she asks, "So, what movie did you get?" "You'll see," he says, again, only more playfully this time.

The music changes to match his grin. Cabana La Ka Kratchie by Georges Fordant is a happy island song. The steel drums and stereotypical Jamaican accent exude fun. They both can't wait to finish dinner and get on with the evening. As they eat, they hear a series of entertaining and cool jazz vignettes.

After dinner, it's straight to the movie. The movie, of course, is The Thomas Crown Affair. It is a sexually charged, highly entertaining psychological drama. They had been listening to the soundtrack, which was almost as entertaining as the movie. Rene Ruso and Pierce Brosnan made the room uncomfortably hot for both of them -- according to plan, of course.

If this was a movie review, The Thomas Crown Affair would receive 5 BB & B's. The soundtrack is almost as good as the movie. The only disappointing feature is that the last 8 songs average less than two minutes in length. That's a shame because they are all very good. Consequently, the soundtrack to the movie, The Thomas Crown Affair, still gets an excellent rating and recommendation.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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