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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

Click to Hear The PoliceIn this weeks review Mr. Peabody, through the use of his Way Back Machine, takes us to the world of the 1980's. We are returning to a world where creatures with big hair and cheesy clothes rule. The date is set for 1983 and as time travel begins a peek out of the window reveals a flock of seagulls in flight, and a group of men without hats. The flight travels back to the early days when guns and roses grew together and when the destruction of the graf zeppelin was merely an uncomfortable memory. As the machine slows a blurred vision appears of men in blue, they are carrying something, it looks like a stick. Yes, it is a stick and they have badges and guns. It is the Police.

After telling Mr. Peabody that he needs to keep his arrogant self in the machine we take the key and exit. Nostalgia overcomes a number of the party as we hear the first strains of songs from The Police album Synchronicity. The music has been digitally re-mastered (1995) from the ‘original source tapes for superior sound quality.'

Ok, so enough with the metaphor. After a couple of tunes from this album popped into my head last week, I decided that it would be a great album to revisit and remind those who have heard it before how good it was and to tell those who have never heard it to listen to a song or two from the album. The Police were a ‘bridge' band between the rock of the ‘70s (like Led Zeppelin) and the Big Hair pop bands of the ‘80's. There sound can be mellow and cool or it can be very hard. All the songs have a good beat, great guitar, and great vocals sung by Sting. There is some similarity between the music played by Sting today and that of The Police. Some of the lyrics are strange but at least they are listed in the album jacket (always good for a few points with me). The most popular and recognizable songs are Synchronicity 1 and 2, Walking in Your Footsteps, Every Breath You Take, King of Pain, and Wrapped Around Your Finger.

I give this album 4 BB & B's and recommend a good revisiting of the album. Many of the songs on the album were top forty hits in ‘83/'84..

Listen to the album at CdNow. It is available for $13.99 (it is nearly $18.00 at Borders Book Store) at CdNow and you might be able to pick up the non re-mastered version at a second-hand store.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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