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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Click to Hear Eiffel 65Imagine a combination of Depeche Mode, 2 Unlimited, Zapp & Roger, and a touch of Backstreet Boys. Mix 'em all up in a bucket and you've got Eiffel 65, the latest Italian import to hit the club scene and airwaves in the U.S.A. They broke the scene here with their popular hit Blue (Da Ba Dee).

If you haven't heard Blue yet, you're missing a weird, yet fun techno-style dance tune. The distorted vocals in Blue, and many of their songs is reminiscent of Zapp & Roger. If you're not in the mood for Eiffel 65 and their distorted vocals, they become annoying very quickly.

Their CD, Europop, is described on their website as "a contagious hybrid of techno, pop, dance, trip-hop, and hip-hop, marked by spirited lyrics that ride over innovative beats." I think it sounds exactly like the CD's name - europop. It's the sound that was trademarked by Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys. EIffel 65 certainly will have a long life in Europe's discos.

I agree that the lyrics are spirited. The whole CD is light hearted and fun. I especially like a lot of the techno stylings. The songs My Console, Silicon World, and Europop feature strong techno beats and are probably already instant club hits.

This CD will make for great party background music. I keep imagining women in short skirts, and thong underwear, getting up and dancing to this CD on tables after a few big beers. The music is like that. After a while some of the trip-hop sounds draw the listener in, and inhibitions are lost. This CD would have done better if Eiffel 65 wouldn't have over done it with the robot voice effect.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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