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Music Review
By Reggie

Christine Moll - Pretty Show
Christine Moll -- Pretty Show

Every once and a while, I am lucky enough, as a reviewer of music and pop culture, to be truly moved. On this occasion Christine Moll was the mover, and the music on her CD Pretty Show was the vehicle. A beautiful voice over dancing, witty guitars combine to put mind and emotions in motion. Beautiful Show might be a better name for this collection of heartfelt and deeply touching songs.

The obvious comparisons are to Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant. Christine's voice is rich, mature and provocative. She has all the right lilts at just the right time. She gently demands attention, captures the listener, and yet soothes at the same time. Even when she admonishes her subject (in the title track), she is in control. She may have been victimized, but she is never the victim. This sense of self and strength permeates every tune on this CD. Inspiring...

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Christine Moll

Underneath the beautiful, strong voice is something more visceral. The pretty show is supported by outstanding guitar work reminiscent of Johnny Marr with The Smiths. Its the even songs (tracks 2,4,6,8, and 10), oddly enough, that I enjoyed the most. Any one of them could easily be mistaken for a tune by The Smiths or 10,000 Maniacs. The latter may be easier for most to imagine, but check out a couple of tunes from Rank or Strangeways Here We Come. Ultimately, it is the contrast between Christine's lilting, ethereal at times voice and the solid guitar of her backing band that sets her apart from all of the Sarah wannabees.

I don't wish to discount the beauty or power of the other tracks. Christine, on voice alone, could probably make any song great. I just want to make clear that Christine is more than just another pretty voice. Pretty Show is a complete, professional CD that showcases a singer, a songwriter, a storyteller, and some very talented musicians. We're due for another wave of popular music featuring female artists (not teeny boppers). Hopefully, Christine Moll will get the attention she deserves. If you don't want to wait for the tide, surf on over to Christine's site at to listen to MP3s, WAV files and purchase Pretty Show.


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