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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

Click to Hear AquaAenigmatis aqua. (Non-literally - The sea of mystery). After my last few reviews I decided to head out into the oceans of cd's and music looking for something different, something a little out of the norm. Well, I found it. The name of the band is Aqua and the album is named Aquarius. I bought the album a week ago and have listened to it (in its entirety) every single day. From the first day it has made me very perplexed. Why? that is a very perplexing question.

The album is not like anything I have heard. Sure, I have heard the sounds they use but none in the way they are used in this album. The Aqua sound makes me believe that the band is more into making the music then in selling cd's. The music is very diverse. Nearly half of the songs are dance club type songs with a good beat, three or four songs are ballads, one a song with Latin sounds, one a country song, and a song with circus music. The cd jacket is bazaar with submarines/rocket ships and the band fighting off weird animals with strange pitchfork type gun thingees (It is a technical term). This is all explained if you play the cd in the cd-rom drive of your computer. The cd contains a bunch of awesome stuff including the video of track 1 Cartoon Heroes, stuff about the band and songs, and a video game.

The music is mostly techno and electronic. All but the ballads have a good beat and all are well mixed. The vocals are awesome and led by both a male and a female singer. The female has an awesome voice that is manipulated, in some songs, to sound like Cyndi Lauper in her early days (really, it sounds good). The male singer sounds like he should be a lead singer for a heavy metal or a thrash band (really, it sounds good). Does this sound strange... perplexing? Believe it or not they are the perfect complement to each other - I cannot explain it. The lyrics, well...I think they were trying to be lighthearted and fun. For example in the first track, Cartoon Heroes, they sing about being a cartoon superhero. The third track, Freaky Friday, is about life being like a country song. The fifth, An Apple a Day, is exactly what the title suggests. And the best example is the use of the Halloween movie theme in track six.

I rate this album 4 BBB's. Aquarius has something for everyone. It is a diverse, well put together album, that has great music. It is also very fun. I have finally decided that I like it, but recommend that before buying, sample some of the songs (with an open mind). Check it out. Not so bad for my first attempt off the beaten path.

Aqua is from Denmark (A Danish band -- get it). The album was produced under the Universal Music label in the year 2000. You can listen to and purchase the album at CD-Now for 17.99. But look around, I found the album for about thirteen dollars at Borders Book Store.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

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