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Music Review
By Vitamin G

Devil's Night  by D12
D12 - Devil's Night

Out-of-control, reckless, violent, juvenile, and brazen - words to describe Devil's Night the night and Devil's Night the CD by D12. No one and nothing is safe on Devil's Night. D12 verbally attacks, destroys, and offends. The fire of Devil's Night is fueled by obscenity, vulgarity, and a lot of contempt.

The obscenity, vulgarity, and contempt comes from the 'hood of Detroit, just like the members of D12. Years, ago, before this debut, each member of D12 promised the others that if one of them ever made it, he'd come back for for the rest of the crew. Now Proof, Bizarre, Denaun, Swift, and Kuniva are being led to the promised land by the man to make it - Eminem.

Eminem might just take D12 to the mountain top. Whether you like him or hate him, you cannot deny he is talented. His talent strongly influences the shape of this album. Eminem fans will not be disappointed.

The CD is filled with witty rhyme and danceable beats. Focus on the music alone, and this CD is awesome. The lyrics, however, become a distraction. The obscenity, and especially the vulgarity, can be overwhelming. The occasional F-bomb doesn't bother me. It's the references to anal sex, BJ's from Grandma, and rape - often in a humorous vein, that are so disturbing. The intro to the CD includes a humorous warning that it includes profanity and vulgarity. The humor in the message is deceiving; it does not allude to the disturbing nature of many of the licks. That's reality in the 'hood, right?

This CD will do well with males 13 - 25 and the women who want their attention. It's juvenile and fun. I enjoy that. I will play this in my ride when I want to have an attitude. You may find yourself dancing to some of the tunes at your local club. In spite of the excessive profanity, Devil's Night is solid hip-hop.

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