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Music Review
By Vitamin G

Venice13 - Spiked
Venice 13 - Spiked

If you're already familiar with music by the Smiths, New Order, Stone Roses, and Oasis, you know some of the best music in the world has come out of Manchester, England. Manchester's latest export, Venice 13, may soon be counted among the best to come out of Manchester.

With a style all their own, Venice 13 brings a hard industrial edge to techno-pop. Their closest predecessors may be Prodigy and Lords of Acid. This combination makes for music that will energize and adrenalize you.

Venice 13 - Too Cool 4 School

Like Lords of Acid, V13's tunes feature just enough favorite techno novelties to appease club dancers. The beats are fast and high energy. The samples are catchy. Perhaps the only Lords of Acid standard missing is the frequent use of mixed in crowd noise. Unlike LOA, V13 won't need any electronic gizmos to create crowd nose, it will be naturally generated by the crowds on the dance floor. Keeping it hard, like Prodigy, the edge comes from the frequent use of driving guitars, and distorted vocals.

Overall, the attitude is powerful and sexy. V13 takes the candy coating off of today's club hits, yet manages to keep it fun. Venice 13 on Spiked has something for everyone who likes to move.

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