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Music Review
By Reggie

Operatica - Shine

Operatica: Shine could be entitled Operotica. This infusion of opera and classical vocal pieces over throbbing techno and enchanting trance is an erotic masterpiece. This music is perfect as a prelude to, or as background music for a very, very hot, erotic evening.

Reminiscent of Enigma and their CD MCMXC AD, Shine combines beautiful vocals and haunting, ethereal techno-trance. In at least one piece, there is even a whispered voice over (reminded me of Curly Sue). The music quickly envelopes the listeners and inhibitions are lost, and desires freely expressed.

Click to listen to Operatica
"Hear the sound of your own dreams."

The vocals are provided by divas Ying Huang (Madame Butterfly), Inva Mula (perhaps best known in pop-culture as the blue colored diva in The Fifth Element), Maureen O' Flynn, Persian music vocalist Shakila, tenor John Osborn, and Operatica conceiver Lord Vanger. All sing beautifully, but perhaps the most interesting pieces are sung by Shakila.

According to the E-magine Music website, "E-Magine Entertainment CEO Christoph Ruecker suggested that it would be interesting to add a Middle Eastern flavor to the concept of combining Electronica and Opera." This challenge led Lord Vanger to find Shakila. Her distinctive Middle Eastern voice is enchanting over the ambient tones provided by Lord Vanger and company (including some interesting guitar work).

Operatica: Shine is not all opera. Nor, is it all electronica. It is a combination of classical voices from many cultures, classical music that has withstood the test of the time, and classical techno-trance beats. It is both sensual and sensuous, and to be shared with someone special.

Select tracks are available for download at E-magine Music (MP3), or it can be purchased online at CDNow!


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