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Big Beef Music Review
By Tim

The Waterboy - Original Movie Soundtrack - Produced by Micheal Dilbeck with Hollywood Records.
I rate this cd 4 BB and B's
I spent nearly the entire time I watched this movie laughing and when I was not laughing I was commenting about the great songs on the soundtrack. This is another low risk CD because it has such a great variety of music. It is a good cross section of rock and roll from the '60's through today. Because listeners will recognize either most or all of the songs on this CD I will not do a review for each track but will list the tracks here:

1. Born on the Bayou CCR

2. More Today than Yesterday Goldfinger (This song will grow on you)

3. Boom Boom Big Head Todd and the Monsters (Not the song you will expect)

4. Feed It The Candyskins

5. Peace Frog The Doors

6. Let's Groove Earth, Wind, and Fire (It is my opinion that they are not really singing 'let's groove' they are actually singing 'cactus goo' )

7. Always on the Run Lenny Kravitz

8. Doin My Thang Lifelong featuring Incident

9. Small Town John Cougar

10. New Year's Eve Joe Walsh (Never heard the song before but loved it)

11. No One to Run With Allman Brothers

12. Tom Sawyer Rush

13. Glowing Soul Candlebox

Listen to the Waterboy Soundtrack here!

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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