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Big Beef Music Review

By Reggie


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Jazzy, passionate, cool, bluesy, definitely an eclectic sound - the latest 'project' by Tim Hawkes is too original to be boxed and labeled. What do you call an album that has a powerful, ethereal mix of sophisticated sounds? 'Project' is what Tim calls his album, Make You Worry, on his website

After I heard some of my favorite artists and styles in just about every song on this CD, I wrote Tim, and asked him who his influences are. Would Tim tell me he was influenced by Depeche Mode, Cult, Philosopher Kings, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis? Damn close. He threw a plethora of artists at me that included David Bowie, Prince, Joe Jackson, Sting, and Bryan Ferry, all of whom I count among my favorite artists.

Tim Hawkes' music is as passionate as Ferry and just as sexy. It is as funky as Bowie and Prince. Finally, it has the sophistication and style of Jackson and Sting.

Make You Worry
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Tim ties his project together 3 different ways. First, I was drawn to the strong bass line in each song. The bass isn't just there in a supporting role, it is an equal part of the music. Next, the bass is complimented by various instruments in very emotional and sometimes ethereal tones. The twists and turns the music provides will take the listener on an emotional journey that can squeeze your heart. Finally, Tim uses his voice for more than melody. In some songs it is in direct contrast with the underlying tone of the music. It is as if the music reveals a heart felt pain while Tim's voice is both a shield and a weapon. He uses it to hide the pain while he throws daggers at the one who inflicted the original pain upon him. In other tunes he is sincere, and at times gentle.

It has been very difficult to summarize the contents of this project. If you are willing to step out of the cookie cutter world of pop music stylings and the sell-out world of the "alternative" scene, you will find a true work of art in MYW. This is a music lover's CD.

You can get purchasing info at Tim's website.


Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.



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