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Big Beef Music Review
By Tim


  How many times do we hear a song on the radio and just love it? The song is so awesome that we run out to the local music store and buy the album. But after listening to the favorite song about 3 million times we decide to listen to the rest of the album and then find out that it practically sucks. Of course, once opened the CD cannot be returned and we are stuck with the album. I have just experienced this again...I think about one quarter of my collection consists of one hit wonders...with Philadelphonic by G.Love and Special Sauce, produced by T-Ray and Chris DiBenneditto on the Sony Music Entertainment label.

I rate this album 2 BBB's --- The album is full of really mellow rap music. The mellow part is the theme of the album. Probably best used for background music while studying or during some romantic encounter. If not for the Rodeo Clowns song and the price of $12.99, this album would have been rated 1BBB. As Chris Lava Toes would say, "This is garbage."

Track by track analysis:

1. No Turning Back - An OK song after hearing it fifteen times. The instruments do not seem to connect and the music clangs at times.

2. Dreamin' - Mellow rap.

3. Roaches - This track is about roaches in the house and everywhere. The only thing good about it is very short.

4. Rodeo Clowns - The best song on the CD The song is written and sang by Jack Johnson. The lyrics are good and the entire song is smooth and catchy. Probably the only song on the album that you will hear on the radio.

5. Numbers - Slow rap.

6. Relax - Slower rap.

7. Do It for Free - Slowest rap with some beat.

8. Honor and Harmony - Kind of folksy music.

9. Kick Drum - This track is smooth and mellow with some serious harmony.

10-13 More like 5-7.

14. Gimme Some Lovin' - The second and third best song on the album are in this track. The first song is played with just an acoustic guitar and one singer (G. Love I presume). If you let this track play in silence for about two minutes after the completion of the first song you will get a second bonus song. It is to bad the third best song on the album is hid in this manner.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.




Greatest Hits Only $9.99

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