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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

She's So High, the debut single by Tal Bachman, is one of those songs that grabs my heart and stuffs it in my throat.  If you've ever loved someone totally unbelieveable, and couldn't believe (s)he loved you too, then this song will do the same thing to you. Tal's vocal range adds passion and depth to this music that will draw the listener into his story. Is this really Craig Kilborn?

I expected more of the same when I bought Tal Bachman's self titled album. But, just like finding out that woman I worshipped was as human as me (or worse), I was sadly disappointed.   If You Sleep is the only other song on this album that lives up to the standards set by She's So High. The rest of the songs sound like they are part of the orignal soundtrack to the movie Highlander by Queen.

Tal's vocals are engaging at points. His range is amazing. He uses his voice as an effective tool.  However, 10 of 12 songs on this album just plain stink. Tal's strengths lie in his vocals. This album will get him some well deserved attention.  Perhaps someone will write some better music for him.  My advice to Tal: Stay away from Meatloaf!

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.