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Big Beef Music Review Update

By Tim


Some questions about Cowboy Mouth answered by the field office in New Orleans:

Cowboy Mouth -- Mercylanda few questions answered.

the guy singing about the drummer-man is the drummer-man. he's a crew cut, barefooted lunatic named fred who is often seen walking around uptown n.o. playing an acoustic guitar singing to himself. he writes about half of the songs, including "jenny says" which is about 11 or 12 years old, and a carry-over from his old band "dash rip rock" (many limited release CD's worth picking up. in fact i did pick one up at a circuit city across from barnes & noble, with you in richmond)

on "shotgun in my soul" and "little blue one" these were written and sung by the rhythm guitar player, paul sanchez. he has two solo CD's out. i have one, and its very good. he writes the rest of the songs. you can catch him playing solo (and i mean solo, usually him and an acoustic guitar and sometimes his brother) at a small bar called "Carrollton Station" next to the street car barn for $5-10. maybe we'll get lucky at mardi gras and you can see these strange men.


Why all the self-deprecating lower case letters Chris? Thats OK we still like you. keep up the good work! You can buy Cowboy Mouth at CDNOW.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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