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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Sugar Ray  14:59I mentioned in BB & B's first music review ever, that my DJ experience had soured me a bit. I had become reluctant to try new artists because I really hated one-hit-wonders. When I first heard Sugar Ray a year or so ago, I wasn't all that impressed with their first single Fly. I thought we'd never hear from them again, and with radio overkill, I prayed I was right.

Sugar Ray, fortunately, did not go away. I say "fortunately" because their most recent album, 14:59, is a real treat. You've probably already heard their singles Someday and Every Morning. You probably have already formed an opinion about them. If you like them already, you will definitely enjoy this album.

Sugar Ray appeals to meSugar Ray's Beer Bong because of the playfulness incorporated in all of their songs. Sometimes it's very subtle, others, it's very obvious in a Dead Milkmen or Violent Femmes style. The cover art and the art inside the cover capture some of the attitude that I so enjoy.

Track By Track:

  1. New Direction -- When I first heard this, it scared the hell out of me. I had only heard the 3 singles mentioned earlier prior to this. For 48 seconds I thought this might be a heavy metal band. Fortunately, its only an intro.
  2. Every Morning -- Hopefully you've heard this by now.
  3. Falls Apart-- A catchy, guitar driven song. It goes from hard to soft and back. I especially liked the bouncy bass line about 2/3 of the way through it.
  4. Personal Space Invader -- This is one of those blatantly playful songs. A mix of Devo and the Talking Heads to create a fun 80's type tune.
  5. Live and Direct -- This is a soulful, bouncy make you bob in your chair tune featuring KRS-One.
  6. Someday -- You know it. For some reason, I picture 60 year old men dancing with their 20 year old brides in the Caribbean whenever I hear this song.
  7. Aim For Me -- This song could be on any Dead Milkmen album. Fast and silly, but somehow deep.
  8. Ode to the Lonely Hearted -- This song is consistent with everything else you've heard by Sugar Ray, especially Someday.
  9. Burning Dog -- This song sounds like it could have been performed by Talking Heads and Beck combined. Quirky and fun with a touch of psychodelia.
  10. Even Though -- More of what I expected and enjoy. Light and playful.
  11. Abracadabra -- The song that had Steve Miller purists scratching their heads redone. As good, perhaps better than the original.
  12. Glory -- A summary of all of the above. Has some scratching, some driving guitar, and some silliness.
  13. New Direction -- The outro. Sounds like something you might hear on a carousel while in a drug induced haze.

I enjoyed this album. It gets 4 BB & B's.


Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


Listen to Sugar Ray - 14:59