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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim - See the Clabbergirl Bonus by Greg.

ClabberGirl SinkholeAs Greg and I were sifting through the wreckage of the cidernationals in search of the six that survived we came upon a music cd. Where this CD came from we are not sure but we pocketed it for later. As we listened to it we discovered a small treasure of great music. The CD is called Sinkhole by Clabbergirl. Clabbergirl is a local Cincinnati band that has played in Cincinnati's Exposure95, Exposure96, and Exposure97, a battle of the bands in Cincinnati. In 1996 the band finished second among 200 bands and has always finished in the top twenty. I rate the music: 4 BB & B's Great beat, vocals, and all original. The only drawback is the recording is not perfect,.The recording gives the music some of its flavor. I cannot compare the sound to other bands, maybe a mix of the Violent Femmes/REM/Dead Milkmen, but much better. A must for any collection. Track by Track Listing:

  1. Missing Ramona: Song about what a man would do to win a woman. Great beat and vocals. To bad there are no words of wisdom in there as well.
  2. K.A.R.S. - Kill all Rock Stars: Hard guitar and a group singing the refrain.
  3. Happy Again: I would love to hear this one live.
  4. Push: A little anger music. Guitar is awesome.
  5. Different Boy: Great lyrics.

I saw Clabbergirl play in Exposure96 and they were great. The band presently plays in local venues located in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. They only play original music. There next gig is 13 November 1999 at the Our Music Festival ( Cincinnati (6:00pm). Check them out if you get a chance. This is Clabbergirls first CD, it has 5 tracks and is a steal for $5.00. The album can be purchased through the internet on Visit the bands website at

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


Listen to ClabberGirl - Sinkhole

See the Clabbergirl Bonus by Greg.