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Music Review
By Beau Dru Sauvage

Clabber Girl - I feel Pretty
clabbergirl - i feel pretty

Today Big Beef and Beer is reviewing a future homegrown superstar band. This band is a local independent band named Clabbergirl. Clabbergirl plays at local venues in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Big Beef and Beer recently attended a CD Release Party by Clabbergirl and was overwhelmed by the performance. The CD I Feel Pretty is Clabbergirls first professional in-studio produced album and follows their initial five-song album and their short Christmas CD. Although the first cd was enjoyable, it is pleasantly surprising how far Clabbergirl has progressed in the last two to three years. The band has refined its raw rock riffs and maintained the fun and experimental approach that seems to characterize their music.

The music mixes current alternative style vocals and words with a rock and roll style lead/rhythm guitar and drum sets. Clabbergirl music is characterized by a good drum beat rhythm guitar riffs. The lyrics are perfect although it seems that the producer has hidden some of the musical talents of the lead singer through altering the sound. The vocals are still great and match the music well. There is a definite balance to the music. Expect to hear this music on the radio soon. Here is a track-by-track review:

Track 1 Natural Disaster: Lyrics are awesome, and you may here a little cello.

Track 2 Wait: The inside scoop is that every song written by Shawn has something to do with the telephone; this song is written in honor of that.

Track 3: Fly: This one slows down a little with a little acoustical guitar work. My least favorite song on the album.

Track 4: Would it Matter: Beat picks back up. The addition of an accordion sets the melancholy tone of the song. The lead guitar riffs support this tone.

Track 5: Whites of Your Eyes: One of my favorites…'Can I get a witness…'

Track 6: That Girl: Drum and guitar beginning great. Vocals almost have a country twang.

Track 7: Baby Love: The word on the street is this is song about Queen Amildala from the latest Star Wars movie. There is a little Rockford Files sound effects in the background.

Track 8: I Don't Know If I Belong: Pertinent lyrics for everyone. Great beat.

Track 9: Let You Down: Proof positive that Clabbergirl is enjoying itself. The song sounds a little bit like the Beatles and very much like the early 70's late 60's. The most creative song on the album.

Track 10: Goddess on Display: A future great; need I say more.

Track 11: Pretty: Good lyrics and a good beat.

Track 12: Goodbye: Acoustical. The true vocal talent of the lead singer is displayed.

Track 13 Awake: For a portion of this song the drummer can say, 'Look Mom no hands.' Innovative song.

Clabbergirl - Not so pretty

Overall a must buy as soon as the CD is available to the public. Stay tuned for radio stations that you will call to request Clabbergirl. Clabbergirl has created a fun, innovative, and solid album. Every song is worth knowing and getting your friends to hear. All but two songs are danceable with a great beat. I recommend this album for parties, driving, bars, dancing, etc. Fun, polished, and independent… Since Big Beef and Beer rated their last two albums as 4's on the Big Beef and Beer scale, this one, based on its improvement must be a five. It has been predicted, by people in the know, that they may be the first band to break the 5 BBB limit on music.



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