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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

Do not Blink or you will miss Swank moving into the twenty first century.

Yes, the Big Beef and Beer Brothers are back big and strong. One brother took a vacation (Reggie) and the other spent the week slaving over an open computer box soldering and upgrading the Big Beef and Beer hardware and software (Swank). The result of this is that Reggie is much rested and that Swank now has the faster computer and has taken the first step into the twenty first century.

(In honor of this first step I have created my first hyperlink.)  I will be reviewing Enema of the State by Blink-182. The album can be found under the MCA Music label.

I rate this CD: 3 Big Beef and Beers - Solid beat and good lyrics, but most of the songs sound the same. Worth buying and worth listening to until something better comes along.

Blink 182 plays music that has a good beat with a mix of headbanging and slow clear guitar. The vocals are very clear and the lyrics are good, but seem to be related to college life. The CD itself has a multimedia file that contains the picture of the CD cover, links to MCA and Blink 182's web sight, a music video, and other stuff. Pretty impressive. The album jacket contains the words to the songs (always a plus) but they are out of order and have to be matched up to the correct order with symbols (requiring some effort).

Track by Track Review:

  1. Dumpweed - Good rock sound - the beginning of many similar sounding songs.
  2. Don't Leave Me - My favorite line is, "Let's try it one more time with feeling."
  3. Aliens Exist - The X-Files song - Similar sound.
  4. Going Away to College - I have memories like this.
  5. What's My Age Again? - One of the two songs on this album that you will hear on the radio. Some new sound in this but pretty much the same formula as the rest of the songs.
  6. Dysentary Gary - No comment.
  7. Adam's Song - A little slower with a good beat and little headbanging guitar.
  8. All the Small Things - The second song you will here on the radio. Good beat and good guitar riffs.
  9. The Party Song - More of the same.
  10. Mutt - Sounds Like Len
  11. -12.  More of the same.

If you like the sound on this album it will be your favorite since that is all you hear. I must admit it grows on you after a couple of playings. If you do not really like this sound then maybe you should borrow the album and listen to it a couple of times and give it back. Available at all record stores and CD-Now.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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