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Big Beef Music Review

By Tim

All I want is Big Sugar for Christmas.Big Sugar Heated  I bought the subject of today's review nearly four months ago and planned to do a review soon after, but the cd grew legs. It visited a certain friend of mine and would not come home. After significant bribery it turned up on my doorstep and I am finally able to provide a review. The CD is called Heated by the Canadian band Big Sugar

I rate this CD 4 BB & B's.

This is the second Canadian band that I have reviewed. Canadian bands are 2-0 in the Big Beef and Beer rating department. Great buy and highly recommended for those real rock and roll lovers. Big Sugar is one of the more popular bands in the Great White North. They play rock and roll with a serious influence of reggae. The guitar riffs are infused with energy and are reminiscent of the days of real rock and roll. The vocals for the most part are very clear and understandable. These two elements make it the perfect album to be played loud. Unlike some of the albums I have reviewed there is not a lot of diversity in this album. This album is rock and roll, do not expect anything else (should be enough). There are two versions of this album, the U.S. CD sports a picture of a 1970 Dodge Charger that is driven by one of the band members. The Canadian cover is different and has a picture of one of the band members on it. I have not listened to the Canadian CD so I do not know if it is different.

The Big Sugar web site is excellent. The site has pages that display the bands 5-6 albums, information on the band, information about the fans, a live section, and a store (so you don't have to go far to buy their music). You can also e-mail the band directly from the web page.

Since the album is just great rock and roll I am not going to do a track by track review. Here are the highlights:

1. Where I Stand - Rock-n-Rasta
6. Cop a Plea - My favorite song on the album.
9. Let It Ride - Great remake of this great cover. Check out the reggae mix. 11. Turn the Lights and
12. Heart Refuse to Pound - Strongest reggae influence on the album.

The album is released by Capricorn Records in the U.S. and under the AGM Record label in Canada.  It is available for $10.99 (US) at CDNOW. .

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.


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