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Big Beef Music Review

By Greg

Listen to Jazz to the WorldRejoice! The Christmas Season is in full swing, and Jazz, and Blues and more.  Jazz to the World is a compilation of Christmas songs performed by Blue Note(R) jazz artists.  The compilation was put together to benefit Special Olympics.

This CD includes performances by many notable artists, including: Herb Alpert, Lou Rawls, Fourplay, Michael Franks, Herbie Hancock, Holly Cole, Anita Baker, Chick Corea, and Dave Koz.  All of the performances are entertaining.  There are 16 different songs on this CD, so I'll only highlight my favorites.

    1. Baby it's Cold Outside - Dianne Reeves & Lou Rawls.  This is just a fun tune.  Lou Rawls convinces Dianne Reeves to stay because "baby it's cold outside!"
    2. Let it Snow - Michael Franks.  If you've never heard Michael Franks, you've been missing a talented artist. He puts his special ethereal touch on this Christmas classic and then adds a touch of Latin to spice it up.
    3. I'll be Home for Christmas - Herbie Hancock & Eliane Elias. Rockit may be Herbie Hancock's legacy, but he is a very talented pianist. I have no idea what Eliane does on this song.
    4. Christmas Blues - Holly Cole. Holly's voice turns me on. This is a lighthearted song about having no one for Christmas. Close your eyes and console Holly -- Oh Mama!
    5. IL est Ne, Le Divin Enfant - Dr. John. Blues in French. Imagine the Blues Brothers in French. You've nailed this song. Fun!

Overall, this is an excellent CD. You can listen to it while curled up in front of a fire or while decorating Christmas cookies.  It will be played in my home for years to come.

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.

Listen to Jazz to the World


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