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The much anticipated album!

Person1: You got your Smiths in my New order!
You got your New Order in my Smiths!
Voice-Over: Two great sounds that go great together now in one band - Electronic!
Strange bedfellows make wildly enchanting music on their highly anticipated third release.

The successful mix of Sumner and Marr is no surprise to fans of New Order and the Smith's, we just want more.

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When I was first introduced to the alternative progressive scene in the mid eighties, I was initiated with New Order and the Smiths. I instantly became a fan of both bands. New Order I heard at the clubs. The Smith's I heard in the apartments of the people I met in those clubs.

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Bernard Sumner & Johnny Marr.

We all dressed in black back then. It was our primary color. Although we liked to dance to New Order, we appreciated the strong emotional undertones of Bernard's Sumner's voice on top of the house beat. Morrisey got most of the attention in the Smiths, but his wailing voice was amplifies by the hands of a guitarist whose strumming enveloped us in every song.

In the late eighties, both bands broke up. I can't speak for everyone, but I was really disappointed. Somehow, though, the lead singer from New Order, and the guitarist from the Smiths got together. The result was Electronic.

Their first two albums came within two years of each other, and received critical acclaim. Then for a period of 5 1/2 years we heard rumors of break up, then rumors of a new album, then rumors of a break up. Finally, in 1999 our friends in the UK welcomed the release of Twisted Tenderness, and in the US we got it in the fall of 2000.

So, is this album as good as expected? Yes! While Sumner's musical heritage drove the first 2 albums, Marr's drives this one. There are still elements of dance, but the music is mostly hard driving with strong lead guitar. Sumner's voice still makes each song his own, but the music this time belongs to Marr.

If you don't know them, they are the best collaboration you've never heard of. If you know them, you've been waiting too long for this CD. Not a song on this album will get airplay in the USA. For too many of you, that means it sucks. However, if you're really looking for an "alternative" sound that isn't made with cookie cutters, check out Twisted Tenderness by Electronic.

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