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Music Review
By Greg

Andy Stochansky - S Star Motel
Stay a while at the 5 Star Motel!

A five star motel is an oxymoron. That may just be the best way to describe the music of Andy Stochansky on his CD 5 Star Motel. Its beautiful pop, and in today's musical world that's an oxymoron.

The paradox comes from Andy's sometimes soft, sometimes haunting vocals combined with a hint of energy that is pure pop. The style swings from ethereal to super-real in moments. He is vulnerable, yet powerful. A paradox and an oxymoron.

Click to listen to 5 Star Motel
Light your soul on fire!

Andy is able to take any song from a simple acoustic guitar piece to a near symphony and back again. This back-and-forth, undulation of rising and falling emotion is gripping. It powerfully grabs sentiments and seeks out empathy from within. Don't be overwhelmed, though. Let go and enjoy.

Andy's lyrics are simple, yet poetic. It is this simplicity that make them so effectual. They are especially so when echoed by Andy's gentle voice. He has a voice that seems to have the innocence of a child. He has a voice to trust, and that makes it really easy to truly listen to the lyrics.

Take that gentle voice, put it atop masterfully produced mini-symphonies and the result is gentle persuasion, sweet sadness, and beautiful pop. Oxymorons, dichotomies, and paradoxes comprise this 5 Star Motel. It is these very ying-and-yangs that makes 5 Star Motel such a balanced composition.

Listen for yourself at Andy's site and see the video for Wonderful(It's Superman!),then purchase at CDNow!


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