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Music Review
By Reggie

Los Ninos De Sara
Treat yourself to a worldly experience

True fans of Latin music, especially Cuban style, will get a kick out of Los Niños de Sara Gipsyolé. Although tossing LNS into the current bunch of popular Latin artists is unfair. The music on Gipsyolé is richer in the cultures of Spain, Cuba, and the Mediterranean than the Pop-Latin performed by American artists.

Gipsyolé will probably be shelved among "World Music" at your local spin shop. How unfortunate for Los Niños de Sara. They will never get the audience they deserve (not that they may want such an audience). This is a great album and it deserves to be heard.

Track Listing

1. El Nino Del Viento
2. La Cubanita
3. Santa Maria
4. Romance Anonimo
5. Cae La Nieve
6. Mizai Mizai
7. Vagabundo
8. Vivire Para Ti
9. Somos Gitanos
10. Una Muchacha
11. Me Encuentro En Tu Desierto
12. Mi...Angel

This CD is vibrant and energetic. I found myself caught up in the energy. I speak little Spanish and often wondered what it was they sung about so passionately. This genré is naturally sexy and provocative, and LNS lives up to that.

Although I couldn't understand most of what I heard, the power of the lyrics was not lost on me. The presentation was powerful and passionate. The rhythms exuded sex appeal. The guitars were smoky and sexy. Combined, this package created a truly enjoyable listening experience. While listening, I had fun imagining myself dancing with exotic Spanish beauties.

You've been lucky enough to stumble across Gipsyolé, so take the next step and treat yourself to an romantic, exotic, and sexy musical experience. Share this CD during a romantic dinner or over a bottle of wine. It certainly makes for a great prelude to a more intimate encounter.

Listen for yourself at intentcity and pick up a copy.


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