Stone beer brew

Rauchenfelser of stone beers are different than all other beers.

They do not only taste differently and look differently, them are also differently brewed - quite differently! In the probably oldest and most fascinating brewing procedure of beer history: the stone beer brewing.

With this age-old, from us the oblivion entrissenen, brewing procedures it our Rauchenfelser Steinbierbrauern succeeded to manufacture in the at present only stone beer brewery of the world two of the most precious beer specialities of the present:

Rauchenfelser stone beer and Rauchenfelser stone wheat.

Brewing with hot stones is as old as beer history. Already the old cultures turned, like finds in Mesopotamien and Egypt to assume start, before 4,000 years this brewing procedure. Since fireproof metal tanks or Sudkessel, how we them heuten know, were not yet available, our ancestors used glowing stones, around the Sud " from the inside out " for simmering for bring also the old Teutons might their Met in this way have manufactured.

In the alpine region, in Kaernten and the Steiermark, the stone beer brewing adhered special to the longest one. The last stone beer breweries adjusted 1917 in feasting man village with complaint ford their activity.

By intensive studies of old sources it succeeded to us to revive and lend to it with the help of modern technique a new quality this original type of the beer brewing. And in such a way brewing with hot stones functions today: In a particularly bricked eat kindle we a hoellisch hot beech wood fire. Special Grauwackesteine is heated up therein until they blossom red-hotly. We use these granite places, there only it temperaturstuerze from over 1,000° C on approx. 20° C bears, without bursting.

In a spectacular ATS our Steinbierbrauer with heavy iron pliers sinks the glowing stones in the beer spice.

Under enormous hissing and steaming the Malzzucker karamelisiert and penetrates into the pores of the Grauwackesteine. After the cooling the stones with the adhering Malzzucker are taken from the Sud and spent into the low-lying storage tanks. The young beer is filled in. In a Nachgaerung like an explosion the Malzzucker is converted into alcohol and carbonic acid.

In peace and icy cold weather the beers mature near.

Thus our singular develop from fire and stone, with steam and cold weather

Rauchenfelser of stone beers

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