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A Fat Fish Blue Adventure
By Tim

In a long overdue adventure, Tim takes us to Fat Fish Blue. He decided to write about this when we went to Fat Fish Blues after a Cleveland Cavs basketball game. His original intention was to write about the game, but since the Cavs stink so badly, we decided otherwise. The most memorable part of the Cavs game came as they approached 100 points that night. The announcer proclaimed "if the Cavs score 100 points, free Chalupas for everyone!!" The Crowd went wild and they cheered for their free $0.99 Chalupa. A sad moment in sports. I think the loudest cheering came from Sean Kemp's seven illegitimate children who were sitting a row behind us. We were seated 1 row from the back wall. At one point I ran out of oxygen, and passed out. Fortunately, Greg had a spare.

The last few Fat Fish Blue Adventures follow. All of my comments appear in italics.

-Reginald Mordling 4/17/00Fat Fish Blue

For those of you that are completely sick of reading over and over again the last exciting thing the Big Beef and Beer brothers did - a car race - I have been commissioned to provide you with another fine review of a fine establishment. This review covers a bar that we have visited three times over the last few months. The bars name is Fat Fish Blue and is only the best blues bar that I have ever visited. FFB is in Cleveland, Ohio only a turn and up the street from the Spy Bar.

Fat Fish Blue has some awesome blues bands. I cannot even put into words. The bar/restaurant follows a a Cajun/Mardis Gras theme. It has a great atmosphere even though it is located in a non-used part of a parking garage. A typical night at FFB includes a modest cover to get in ($5.00), fine dining if you choose (from the Cajun style menu), a dance on the dance floor (and for the women a chance to dance with the lead singer or guitarist) and don't be surprised if a band member joins you during a song, a bar dance by one of the bartendresses, spectacular music, a great atmosphere, and a whole lot of fun. The theme for the place is written on the wall, "Laissez les bon temps rouler." or "Let the good times roll." If you don't have a spectacular time e-mail Reggie, Swank, Tim, and Greg and we will take you back and help you out.

Reggie, the Big Beef Crew and I spent New Years Eve at FFB and had the time our lives. New Orleans fashion beads were passed, I mean thrown out, and there was a great crowd on hand. We were able to walk the half block to the city square to watch some very awesome fireworks and then return to the bar for more music. Did I mention that all the drinks and food were free for a the cover charge.

Fortunately, I was kind to my little srougham (sister) and left out the picture of her grinding with Chris "The Bar Walker" Beard. He and his band were the featured performers New Years Eve. I could have done my own Mastercard commercial. "Cab Fare: $40. Cover Charge for New Year's Eve: $99. Pictures of your little sister grinding with a Blues Guitarist you can use for blackmail: PRICELESS." There were many people having an obscene time that evening. Many of the waitresses got up on the bar to dance. One flashed her hooter-nannies in the true New Orleans spirit.

When you visit Fat Fish Blue, be sure to mention you read about them in Big Beef and Beer.

See if they'll sing yout he Fat Fish Blue Song to the tune of "Song Sung Blue..." by Neil Diamond!

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