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Beer Review
By Greg

Bell's beers dot ComSome time ago, I reviewed a very good stout beer. In the review I recalled how some stouts tasted like coffee and were bitter. I have come to discover since then that I was wrong. I have enjoyed every stout I've had since then.

Porter, though is another story. Prior to this review, I had never had porter. I had heard good things about Bell's beers (The Kalamazoo Brewing Co.), and wanted to try one. I selected, of course, their porter.

Bell's Porter pours a dark brown with lots of little bubbles and very little head. It has a coffee smell, that I found pleasant. My first thought was, "how is this different from stout?" The first difference is the lack of head. Stouts pour creamier. Other than that I could find no immediate differences. I checked The Beer Faq and and confirmed my suspicions.

I suspected they were the same. I was partly right. Stouts are the stronger and heavier of the two. Porters came first, and stouts were once known as porter stouts.

Bell's Porter tastes like the Michelob Dry of stouts. That's an insult by the way. This beer is bitter, and the bitterness is complemented by strong carbonation, which is why it is so dry. It is described on Bell's website this way, " A blend of dark malt gives this beer flavors of coffee and chocolate with some smokey roasted notes." The coffee and chocalte flavors are very subtle, however the burnt charcoal flavor is dominant. I mentioned in another review that I do not like the flvor of liquid smoke in my beer.

I like beer, and this qualifies as beer. I was very disappointed however. Bell's Porter gets 2 BB & B's.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

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