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Beer Review
By Tim

John Coruage Amber Yes, step right up, folks!!! Gape in wonder and merriment. See things you have never before seen. Big Beef and Beer has just the cure for your imagination. Look on in complete discombobulation as we unveil this weeks beer review. Yes, although still testing the imports, Swank has returned from the world of ale to taste again the fine sweetness of beer. Do not look on with such fear, my fine audience. For we are not going to show monsters or evil feats. Just like the lion from the Wizard of Oz, show courage in the face of such displays. Prepare yourself, for this week we will review that trait we have been asking you all to display, a little courage.

Well, maybe that introduction would work better if I was in a circus or carnival with a really cheesy voice. Regardless, this week I have returned to the world of beers. I am also a little closer to home with a beer brewed in and imported from England. The beer is John Courage Amber brewed by Scottish Courage Brewing LTD, in Edinburgh, Scotland and imported by Scottish and Newcastle Importers Co. in San Francisco. The beer received its name from the original brewer named John Courage. Mr. Courage began brewing in 1787 in the shadows of the London Tower. The name of Courage was quite appropriate.

John Courage is a clear amber beer that serves up with, using the correct pouring methods, about a centimeter (yes, Big Beef and Beer has gone metric) of good tasting foam. The aroma is very light, sweet, and hardly noticeable. There is a light carbonation bite as the beer enters the mouth and a mild sweetness that continues from when the drink enters to when it leaves the mouth. This is all balanced by a mild bitterness and little aftertaste. The importers advertise that this beer is '...smooth and full flavored...' They are correct in the smoothness but after a couple of weeks of ale it is very clear that this beer is not quite full flavored. The flavor is there but not as deep or as strong as an ale or some of the other beers that we have reviewed.

I give John Courage three BB & B's. Everything about this beer is mild and light and therefor it does not really stand out. It is great for all occasions and probably would be liked by anyone who has a taste for beer. Look for it in your local specialty stores. I found it in the form of a six pack for about $7.00.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

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