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Beer Review
By Greg

Sam Adams Spring Ale I cannot wait for Spring! I've had a enough Winter this year. I like Winter and I especially like snow. However, the transition from Winter to Spring stinks. Freezing rain and 40 degree shifts in temperatures from hour to hour are taxing my body and my spirits. To lift my spirits and heal my body, I enlisted the help of Samuel Adams' Spring Ale.

When I visited my local beer storee with my 6 year old son, he suggested that I try a seasonal beer. Lo and behold, Spring Ale nearly jumped into my lap. Its bright and cheery label instantly lifted my spirits.

When I poured SA, it was like I poured liquid sunshine into my glass. I could feel the ice around my cold heart melt. Feeling was restored in my extremities.

As I placed the glass to my lips, I inhaled deeply. SA has a fruity, floral bouquet that is perfect for a spring beer. When the golden nectar reached my lips, I was not disappointed. It tasted light and fresh like spring. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The label talks of hand selected Spalt Spalt and Kent Goldings hops. It means nothing to me. Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Mr. Golding's hops are useless if it doesn't come together. This beer brings it all together. Spring Ale is only available from now and into March - be sure to try it. (Interesting food note: SA was excellent with homemade tacos !?)

Visit the Sam Adams website for more info, including recipes that include Spring Ale

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Availability: Late January through March




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