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Beer Review
By Swank

Visit Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland
There's no Hoof and Mouth Disease in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland!

From the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism Website:

Kinsale is in Co. Cork, Ireland. It is a centre for holidays, tourism, vacations. It has plenty of accommodation and hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, guesthouses. This historical town offers many activities including sailing, yachting, fishing, diving, watersports, windsurfing, golf, horseriding. It has plenty of interest for gourmets including specialist shops and a wine museum.

Kinsale prides itself on being a center for gourmets around the world. The following beer review, by Swank, makes me wonder why they would lend their name to this beer.

Reggie (3/25/01)

In keeping with the spirit of St. Patties day today's review is Kinsale Irish Lager. This Lager is brewed by the Kinsale Brewing Company and imported to the U.S. by Collins International in Littleton, Massachusetts's. Kinsale has been brewed since 1703 in the tradition of beers of Kinsale, a tradition that includes the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. The Irish were, 'duly fortified by the beers supplied from Kinsale brew houses and smuggled to the Irish encampment outside the town,' prior to the battle. .

Today's version of the brew may not inspire soldiers marching into battle but it definitely holds its own. The Lager is of a clear golden color with a mild smell (I cannot place it). It tastes bitter at the first sip, but the bitterness fades quickly and is replaced by a general sweetness. The taste, whether bitter or sweet, is mild and definitely palatable. Beyond this there is very little that is unique to this Lager except that it is sold in very thick and heavy bottles containing only 11.2 oz of liquid.

At my local specialty store Kinsale cost $7.00 a six-pack. If the cost was around $5.00 I would have rated the brew three BBB's, but you can get much better stuff for the same price. My overall rating is:

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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