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Beer Review
By Reggie

Holy Moses Beer
A tribute to Moses Cleaveland, the founder of Cleveland?

Holy Moses, It's Hot! Not many beers are as refreshing as a wheat, white, or weiss when the mercury passes ninety degrees. We've had quite a few days like that lately, so I've had plenty of chances to put a few down.

If you've never had the pleasure of emptying a mug of a hearty wheat on hot day, you've been deprived. The carbonation is typically finer, for a refreshing bite as the beer flows into the mouth. The bite is usually complimented by a mild citrus flavor created by the addition of lemon grass or orange peels in the recipe. This combination makes for a satisfying, thirst-quenching beer guzzling experience.

The Holy Moses by Great Lakes Brewing Co. is consistent with the above mentioned qualities, except in a mild mannered form. I'd venture to call it "wheat beer light." It doesn't have quite the full body that any fan of this style beer might expect. However, it would make a great introduction to wheats for someone whose never tried one. It is flavorful and refreshing and could pique the interest of the uninitiated wheat beer drinker. For the connoisseurs, it leaves them thirsting for more.

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