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Beer Review
By Greg

Blue Moon Belgian WhiteBlue Moon, saw me standing alone, without a beer of my own! The Blue Moon Brewing Company caught me on a kick. I just happen to be on a wheat beer kick right now. Blue Moon Belgian White is the third wheat beer I've tried in as many weeks.

It starting to get hot here in the Heartland, and wheat beers, although they don't look it, are very refreshing. Belgian White is no exception. It doesn't look refreshing because its unfiltered (it looks clear at the store because all of the sediment sinks to the bottom). Don't let sediment scare you. It's not like having sand in your beer. Belgian White goes down very smoothly. If you were blindfolded, you would never know there was sediment in your beer.

Like the other wheat beers I've tried, Belgain White is complimented very well by a piece of citrus fruit. I treid it with a lemon. Very Good! This beer, however, doesn't need any fruit. It already tastes great.

Belgian White will be a part of my summer, along with a few other wheat beers. It is quite refreshing, and will go well with the smell of freshly cut grass. Wheat beers in general may become my signature beers.

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