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By Greg.

This week's beer is brewed by The Panthers Brewing Co.  First, let me tell you why I chose this beer.  For as long as I can remember beer companies have marketed their beers by selling a lifestyle, or particular image.  I remember a few years back when we all jumped on the Michelob Dry bandwagon.  That beer was marketed fantastically as something different and special.  Cool guys drank Mich Dry and gorgeous girls hung out with them.  It was my favorite beer -- for about a week.  The truth is, it tasted like sand.  I've tasted sand and I know.
    I was sucked in by a completely different image this time. An image I've often seen on late night television, or even Sunday afternoon matinees when the Steelers were blacked out.  The image of The Three Stooges sucked me in, and drew me, naturally, to Three Stooges Beer.  That's right, finally a beer named after Larry, Curly , and Moe.  I can die happy now.
    I gravitated towards this brew for purely novel reasons, and my expectations were not that high.  I thought that someone stupid enough to pay to use the image of the three wise guys couldn't possibly brew a decent beer.  I was mistaken.  These guys were smart enough to appeal to the likes of me, and they were smart enough to brew a decent beer.
    Three Stooges Beer is a decent every day beer.  It is dark gold, almost bronze, indicating that it is indeed a full bodied and full flavored beer.   It's aroma is appealing and slightly sweet.  When I finally tasted the beer, I was pleasantly suprised. Three Stooges Beer is slightly sweet and full bodied and flavored.  It is not at all heavy though, a feaure that pleased me on such a hot day in July.  I found that I quickly drank 3 of them and was quite pleased with myself for doing so.  I may have been pleased because I was buzzed, and unable to mow the lawn.  But, thanks to Three Stooges Beer,I was able to put off cutting the grass for another day.

Ranking :  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price:  Paid $4.90 US for a 6 pack

Availability:  May not be available in all areas - Check their website

URL:  (I could never connect?)

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