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By Greg.

Up until last weekend, I had always believed that Wisconsin is the cheese capitol of the world.  The truth is Niagara Falls is the cheese capitol of the in cheesy. I spent last weekend there, and those Krafty Canadians will promote anything to make a buck, or a Loony as I oft heard.  There were alien museums, Ripley's Believe it or Not muesums, haunted houses (at least 4 that I saw), tributes to criminals, tributes to those that went over the falls.  It's in that spirit that I review this weeks beer.
    I enjoyed a Niagara Spray Lager while watching the tourists watchs the falls.  I had already seen the falls, and found the tourists more interesting.  As it was very hot, the first beer went down very smoothly, and suprisingly quick for a 16 oz. bottle.  I decided I'd take my time on the second one.
    After taking the time to actually taste the beer, I concluded that it was indeed smooth and a little sweet.  It was also suprisingly light for a Canadian beer.  If you've grown up on Miller or Bud, then you would not find this beer too heavy. Also, you might find it a little more flavorful than most American beers, yet it had very little after taste.
    Niagara Spray Lager is not for the connesieur.  It is a good beer to wash down a burger and fries, or enjoy while watching people.  It is not a beer to sit back and enjoy for its own sake.  Pleasant, but not impressive.  If you ever visit Niagara Falls Canada, try one, but don't have dinner in the Skylon.

Ranking :  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price:  Paid $4.90 CDN (about 50 cents US I believe) for a 16oz. bottle, served by a lovely waitress.

Availability: Probably only available in the Niagara Falls, Canada area.

URL:  I could not find one.

Brewer: Taylor & Bates,  St. Catharine, Ontario

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