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  Big Beef Beer Review
By Greg

     It was a hot 85 degree August day. I had just mowed the grass. I had a thirst that only an ice cold beer could quench. I wiped the sweat from my brow and headed for my local liquor establishment.
     As I entered the store, I nearly killed an old lady carrying a bottle of Drambuie. She mumbled some obscenities under her breath. Did she not understand the needs of a thirsty man? I continued with out slowing. Inertial dampers were on as I moved at warp speed to the back of the store and found the refrigerated section. When I came to a stop, I found myself infront of a six pack ofThree Floyds X-Tra Pale. Curious?
     I studied the peculiar box. On the label was a 3 headed blue man with 6 arms, seated in the lotus position. Was this Indian? Could I risk a heavy ale after mowing the lawn? Further review revealed that is was not Indian. In fact Three Floyds X-Tra Pale is brewed and bottled in Dubuque, Iowa by Three Floyds Brewwing LLC. Beer from the Heartland better be good, I thought. On the side of the bottle I read A refreshing golden ale with a floral hop aroma. I was satisfied then that indeed this beer would satisfy me.
      When I stopped to pay for the ale, the clerk said, "Good choice. [Three Floyds] X-Tra Pale rocks!" He sounded not unlike Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Now I was salivating. I ventured out back into the heat and climbed into the Reggie Mobile. State law prohibited me from drinking while driving (probably to prevent me from spilling my beer and thus abusing alcohol), so I had to wait until I got home.
     Fortunately, I live within 2 minutes of my favorite brew shop. When I got home, I was not disappointed. I popped one open, and quickly sucked it down. It flowed smoothly past that thingy that hangs in the back of my throat, and into my stomach. I didn't have a chance to smell the floral hop aroma. On the next one I would take the time to enjoy its boquet.
      The next one quickly turned to 4 more, for a total of 5. Yes, I did take the time to smell the beer. If they say that's floral hop aroma, then who am I to argue. All I know is this beer is delicious. It goes down smooth. It's refreshing, not at all heavy, and has a flavor all its own. Have a six pack on a hot afternoon. You'll be glad you did

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price:  I paid $6.90 a 6 pack U.S.

Availability:  Can get it at well stocked grocery stores and finer liquor establishments.

URL:  Could not find one!!

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