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  Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

     During one of my sojourn's to the local fine Irish drinking establishment I came upon a fine beer. Typically I do not drink dark beers due to their coffee-like flavor and the heaviness (I don't drink coffee either), but on this occasion (maybe because the pub was so dark and I could not see what I was ordering) I ordered a dark beer called Murphy's Irish Stout. The tap also said extra smooth so I figured it could not be that big of a risk. I really did not expect much from the beer because it was a dark beer. But I was pleasantly surprised.
      When I received the beer from the bartender there was about a half an inch of head on the beer. The head was a beige color with the consistency of heavy whipped cream. The beer was poured in a pint glass and dark enough that I could not even see through it.  I took a whiff of the beer and...well I don't really know anything about the aromas or anything...and it smelled like a very good beer.
      My first sip left a very large mustache across my upper lip. My first comment was 'got beer?'. After a chuckle from friends I took another sip and realized that this was the smoothest dark beer I had ever tasted. I was shocked - the beer was smooth, not too bitter, and did not have the coffee-like flavor that I expect from a dark beer. This beer was followed by a couple more that evening, all of the same high quality in taste. The only difficulty (and I believe the same problem with all dark beers) is that it leaves the drinker with an aftertaste later that night and the next morning. This beer is also best if sipped and it does make a great black and tan.

The smoothest dark beer North of the Ohio.


Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: ???

Availability:  Any Irish Pub and better carry - outs