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Beer Review
By Swank

Mike's Hard Lemonade
A refreshing mid-summer's night drink!

Today, Big Beef and Beer would like to officially thank the beers and beverages of summer. We have spent the summer (well at least some of it) providing (and drinking) reviews on some of the most tastiest summertime refresher's. We have brought the readers blueberry stout, ice tea, and a strange cherry soda type drink from the Caribbean. We have also reviewed a number of different styles of lemonade drinks. We visited Doc Otis and somehow missed Jed's, but today as my final chapter of summer, I will review Mikes Hard Lemonade. I am closing the book on summer because I do not have air conditioning and I am sick of pretending like it is not hot, also because it is time to start thinking about cide... I mean fall. For all the Big Beef and Beer following - Thank you summertime drinks - just like Frosty the snowman and the first snow of the year we know that you will be back with the first drop of April showers.

Mike's Hard Lemonade is a lemon clear malt beverage with natural flavors. It combines the taste of fresh squeezed lemonade with alcohol. If not for the carbonation this would be the same lemonade that grandma used to make with fresh squeezed lemons. It definitely is a thirst quencher. It enters the mouth smooth and then before exiting provides a bite of carbonation and lemony sourness. The aroma is that of lemons and it is a very cloudy liquid.

Squeeze Me Baby!
Even Ralph Nader would like these lemons!

I purchased Mike's in a six pack of twelve ounce bottles. It is brewed in Canada and imported to the U.S. by Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. in San Francisco. The package and labels are in near Pittsburgh Steeler type colors with black and yellow. It is advertised as 'Lemonade with a kick' and provides reasons to buy on the label. On the package I purchased the reason was #116,'You can't work on your second until you've had your first.' Visit the websight if you get a chance.

I give this beverage 3 BB & B's. It is thirst quenching and a great summer drink. Good-bye summer. You can pretty much buy this beverage anywhere and it is about $5.00 a six pack.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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