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  Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

One day the chill of the morning arrives, the darkness in the morning and evening hints at the return of winter. As the farmer's turn to tuning up the farm machinery and the leaves change gradually from green to yellow, to orange, to red, to brown the thoughts of pumpkins, indian corn, and halloween enter most peoples minds. Autumn is here and people are doing autumn things such as hayrides, bon fires, and drinking cider. AND DRINKING CIDER...!!!!!!

In keeping with these autumn thoughts I have decided to review a small Visit the woodchuckand less popular type of bottled beverage - draft cider. During my latest pass through the local drive thru I picked up a six pack of Woodchuck Draft Cider. Woodchuck Cider is produced and bottled by the Green Mountain Cidery in Springfield, Vermont.

Rated 4BBBs. A fine taste for a change of pace. Especially if you are not into Zima or any flavored beer.

The company self proclaims the drink as The Original Vermont Draft Cider, but at the time of writing this I was unable to drink enough cider to verify that fact. The box does say that it was created by New England settlers three and half centuries ago, so if this statement is true the other might be as well. But enough of the history lesson on to the taste.

For those of you who have never tasted draft cider, yes, it does taste like cider. In fact, if your Great Grandmother kept cider in the 'frigerator for to long (hard cider) and then had you drink it as a child, you pretty much know the flavor. (We sure had some great games and giggling... I mean conversation). Woodchuck tastes much like hard cider but a little smoother. Because cider is made from fermented apples and not barley Hard CIder is not Beerand hops it is much sweeter than beer and is not bitter. A plus for most romantic drinkers is the fact that it does not leave a nasty aftertaste, but a mild taste of apples (this depends on what you are eating). I am not sure what food goes with draft cider (I had a burger and fries) but I think it would be awsome for any autumn specific event such as bonfires, hayrides, etc.

I did not keep the receipt but estimate a six pack to cost about $6.00. For those of you worried about your wasteline it has nearly 200 calories per bottle and those of you who think it may be a non-alcoholic drink, sorry, 5% alcohol by volume. The label is kind of cool...I think...well maybe... - It has a woodchuck standing on a rock (it gets a better view of its kingdom that way) holding or eating an apple. The label also has a slogan across the bottom stating Marmota monax monax and after consulting my Latin dictionary I don' t know what in the wild world of sports that means. If anyone knows please e-mail me or Greg.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Around $6.00 a six-pack

Availability:  Widely available.